Art catalogue for contemporary Indonesian artists

Two boys sitting on a porch in rural Australia

Termasuk was an exhibition of contemporary art from Indonesia, presented by John Cruthers and Indo Artlink and held at the Darren Knight Gallery in Sydney. At the start of the project, we were told that much of the work emphasised the use of the hand – both in the artworks' creation and as a statement of self-determination. We loved exploring these thematic threads both in the layout and typography. Grilli Type's Sectra' was the perfect typeface for the job, with its visual references to the nib pen and scalpel. It was a joy to work with.⁣

Publication design Dialogic Studios
Editors Lauren Parker / Indo Artlink
John Cruthers
Melissa Burnet Rice
Type Grilli Type
Folio photography Foliolio
Spread from Termasuk catalogue
Spread from Termasuk catalogue
Spread from Termasuk catalogue
Spread from Termasuk catalogue

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Type designed by Klim Type Foundry.

The Gadigal People of the Eora Nation were some of the world’s very first designers. Their experience spans over 40,000 years and their expertise in graphic storytelling has never been surpassed. We acknowledge and pay respect to their work and to their Elders, past, present and future.

Always was, always will be, Aboriginal land.