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A new identity for a new pedagogy

Two boys sitting on a porch in rural Australia

In 2019, Sydney University’s Business School initiated the Connected Learning at Scale (CLaS) project. The project aims to create students who are connected to each other, who are active in solving authentic world problems and who are able to discover and apply relevant research.

To do so it was vital to move away from traditional, content-focussed teaching and to move towards self-direction, non-linear learning and connectivity to each other, the school and the world in which we live.

The visual identity for this new project not only had to communicate this, but had to create a graphic system that enabled this kind of learning. We partnered with learning designers, students and academics to prototype different ideas, scale those that work and then implement them across large units across the Business School.

Web design
Web development
Dialogic Studios
Project Manager Carmen Vallis
Video Lead Boyd Britton
Animation Andy Eisenberg
Animated CLaS logo

The square block forms the foundation of the CLaS identity. It is a perfect metaphor learning, referencing the building blocks of our childhood. Its ability to exist both independently and as a collection speaks perfectly to the CLaS ideas of connectivity, scale, autonomous learning, puzzle solving and multi-directional problem solving.

Animated screenshot of CLaS type tool
Screen shot of CLaS video

A bespoke digital tool allows the Business School's team to easily create on-brand collateral without any design or software experience. This ensures all video, print and digital outputs are on brand with minimal turnaround time.

Spreads from CLaS visual guidelines

A visual styleguide was created to allow future content to be created that is on brand, consistent and beautiful. It also allows easy handover to inhouse and future design teams.

A particular focus was placed on the design of Canvas, the Business School's online learning platform. We had to subvert Canvas’s linear and text-based structure in order to achieve the non-linear nature of the new course design. It was also vital to that we standardised all the pages so that there was a clear hierarchy of information, easily scanned and clearly signposted.

Screenshot of CLaS online learning portal
Screenshot of CLaS online learning portal

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Site designed and built by Dialogic Studios.

Type designed by Klim Type Foundry.

The Gadigal People of the Eora Nation were some of the world’s very first designers. Their experience spans over 40,000 years and their expertise in graphic storytelling has never been surpassed. We acknowledge and pay respect to their work and to their Elders, past, present and future.

Always was, always will be, Aboriginal land.