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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples represent 3.3% of the Australian population however, the media that exists to serve these communities are not often considered as part of advertising campaign planning. Beyond 3% is a campaign initated by SBS that seeks to engage media agencies to begin to address this gap by learning more about the role and value of First Nations media in Australia today, doing more to be inclusive as an individual or an organisation in this sector, and re-thinking media spend by committing to increasing investment in Indigenous media platforms to at least a 3 per cent target.

We teamed up with technical partners This Little Duck to design and build the campaign website. It acts as both a resource for those seeking increase ATSI representation in Australian media as well as concrete actions to do so. Fully responsive on all screen sizes and with an eye to blazing fast performance, we succeeded in giving SBS a digital presence that matched their own quality of work.

Digital strategy
Web design
Dialogic Studios
Front-end build
Back-end build
Dialogic Studios
This Little Duck
Screenshot of the Beyond Three Percent website
Screenshot of the Beyond Three Percent website

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The Gadigal People of the Eora Nation were some of the world’s very first designers. Their experience spans over 40,000 years and their expertise in graphic storytelling has never been surpassed. We acknowledge and pay respect to their work and to their Elders, past, present and future.

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